I let only love surround me.

I feel so lost without you. Thats why I never leave your side. You calm my restless soul and help me breathe.

I miss whiskey and pot. They numb my soul. I can’t live with all the emotion in my body. I’m wasn’t made correctly. My happys are to happy and my lows are to fuckking scarey.

Words seem to be failing me lately. I wish I could make you understand all these emotions I have bottled up inside me but I can’t because If I could explain them, you would understand. I don’t know anything anymore except you. I no longer get pleasure from guys asking for my number or calling me beautiful. I am so sexually frustrated and not because I can’t run out and have sex, but because I don’t want to. They don’t mean anything to me, they don’t matter, they don’t know me, I don’t want them. The thought of someone elses hands on my skin fills me with disgust. I think about you more then I would willing admit to anyone who asks. I dream about your fingertips running along my bare skin and your breath in my mouth. You know me better then anyone. You’ve seen me at rock bottom and at my highest highs. You have been to all corners of my heart, soul and mind. You’ve felt my sunshine. You’ve seen the monster I can be and you are still here. You are still here. You haven’t left me. You haven’t ran. You take me for who I am and you judge me not. Your arms are always open and your words are always comforting. My emotions have never been so uncontrolable, you are taking me somewhere I have never been before and I haven’t even kissed you yet.