I let only love surround me.
I was made to be the mother of all.

I have come to realize the role I am meant to play and the person that I will become no matter what I do. My actions have always been for others, I grab the lost and the fallen and I care for them, I love them, I protect them, I make them my own. I will never let them go. I am the one you run to with out realizing it, I am our light when you are in your darkest of places, I hold too many secrets to count or remember. I have changed so many lifes and helped so many people and I have no thoughts of stopping. I am not the smartest person in the world, I am not perfect or untouched. I have lived and seen. I have been there done that. I understand pain, I can tolerate more then most, I have more compassion then I know what to do with, I love with all of my heart everytime. I am harsh and real, I will not sugarcoat anything. I will tell you how I feel and what you need to hear, whether you want to here it or not. I have a over whelming need to care for others, It scares me.

Good Deed of the Day.

So our postal service is stupid. They left a huge box on my doorstep, that was not for me. I noticed it was from overseas, so I typed the address into my GPS and drove it to the owner. Who happened to be this sweet older lady. The box was from her son. She was so excited she opened it in front of me. It was filled with pictures, a blanket, a flag, and little porcelain dolls. I couldn’t guess the feeling this woman had. Today is going to be a good day for me.